Plaques And Honors

The plaques below are all the honors of Atsys from the past to the present.

About Ara Tajhiz System Company – ATSYS

Ara Tajhiz System Company was established in 2016, relying on the academic knowledge and experience and expertise of its founders in designing and producing UPS, and since that date, it has been producing all kinds of industrial and office UPS and then producing all kinds of industrial chargers. and during these years, with the help of its design and research unit, it is expanding the production of other products such as motor drivers and air conditioners.

Also, this company has the exclusive representative of reliable European products in the field of UPS and all types of batteries.

In addition to providing a wide range of ups battery chargers, Ara Tehzih System Company also operates in the field of stabilizers and solar energy systems and all types of batteries. The goal of the company’s personnel and board of directors is to continue serving customers with the help of new and reliable technology used in their products.

Our company is able to supply the products of SAFT & ALCAD of Sweden and GAZ of Germany in the field of nickel cadmium batteries and FIAMM batteries of Italy and Sunlight of Greece in the field of sealed acid batteries with the exclusive representation of Global Technology or GTEC in the field of semi-industrial and non-industrial UPS devices. It also has the exclusive agency of Italy’s LEVER company in the field of UPS devices and industrial battery chargers in Iran. This company is able to supply all industrial products in the field of UPS, battery chargers and power supplies with the cooperation of the mentioned company and with its production department. The exclusive representative sheet of the said company is attached.

Our plaques and honors