Completed Projects

Atsys has played a role in countless projects, including national and industrial projects, and a limited number of them are mentioned in the link below.

Plaques Honors Won

Atsys company has been honored to win plaques and honors in many domestic and foreign festivals, which are mentioned in the link below.

Company Facilities

The facilities of our company consist of various departments and organizations from production to import and sales and after-sales services, etc., which are mentioned in the link below.

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Atsys has many representatives all over the country, some of which have been mentioned

Training and announcements

About US

In addition to providing a wide range of UPS and battery chargers, ATSYS company is also active in the field of stabilizers and solar energy systems and all types of batteries. The goal of the company’s personnel and board of directors is to continue serving customers with the help of new and reliable technology used in their products.