• When buying a UPS, you should pay attention to several important parameters, some of which are:

    1- Input and output voltage and frequency range:The higher the range of input voltage and frequency,

    It shows the ability of UPS to solve the mentioned problems of urban electricity, and the closer the output frequency is to 50 Hz and has less tolerance, the UPS will be closer to the whole idea.

    2- Output waveform:

    – Square waveform (UPS online)

    – Pseudo-sine waveform (UPS line interactive)

    – Sine wave form (UPS online)

    In the case of low and medium power consumers and sensitive devices, square or pseudo-sine waves are acceptable to some extent.

    For high power consumption and low noise sine waveform sensitive devices, it is necessary that their transfer and switch time from the city power to the inverter is zero.

    3- active power:

    It represents the maximum power produced by the UPS, which is based on W watts

    4- Power factor (PF):

    In an AC electrical system, it is a term that refers to the ratio of real power to apparent power and has a value between 0 and 1, and in fact, the power factor shows the efficiency and effective code. The higher the power factor, the higher the efficiency.

    5- Support period (BACK UP TIME):

    The required time is for the situation where the city electricity is cut off and it is necessary to use the energy stored in the battery to feed the load, and depending on the amount of time desired, the UPS may be an internal or external battery with a battery cabinet.

    6- Size and weight:

    • The size and volume of the device is important based on the place of use and transportation and services.
    • Some special features that a UPS should have:
    • Ability to work with a generator
    • It has low volume and weight
    • Equipped with a special terminal to connect to the battery cabinet
    • Equipped with a test button to know the health of the battery
    • Equipped with an intelligent RS232 communication port
    • Possibility to add UPS DEVICE MANAGER like SNMP CORD
    • Equipped with intelligent microprocessor control
    • Equipped with switching charger
    • Correction of input power factor (PFC)

    Based on the features of the UPS and the type of application and type of consumption, different types of UPS are used as follows:



    Home and industrial automation Network company computers Medical devices and equipment
    POS Device Security systems and cameras industrial automation
    Emergency lighting Lighting systems IT network of large companies
    Home Pc Industrial and home automation Sensitive industrial applications

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