Company Facilities

Ara Tajhiz System Company – ATSYS

Our company currently has two production factories, each with an area of 2000 square meters, with a covered area of 800 square meters, and the office space of the factory for the production of services and a storage warehouse of 500 square meters. This complex includes 400 square meters of the central office. 250 square meters of sales office, 150 square meters of representative offices and city offices, 350 square meters of after-sales service office and 250 square meters of financial and administrative affairs office in the central areas of the city. and provides after-sales service.

In addition to having a very wide range of industrial and office UPS, Ara Tajhiz System Company is also active in the field of stabilizers and batteries, chargers and batteries, and the production of air conditioners and motor drivers.

The goal of the company’s personnel and board of directors is to continue serving customers with the help of their products, which use new and reliable technology.

Relying on laboratory equipment, testing, control, as well as advanced and precise production machines, such as European CNC punching and cutting machines, as well as bending machines and machines required for the production of product bodies, as well as winding machines and transformer assembly, as well as production machines and The assembly of electronic boards in the factory has made this company able to produce products with different ranges and high quality.

Some Of Our Brands