• Duties of UPS

    Power Outage

    Preventing power outages due to incidents such as lightning, cutting power transmission lines, overloading and natural disasters.

    Power Sag

    Among the other tasks of UPS is to prevent voltage drop by starting large loads, failure of generating equipment, insufficient consumption, in addition to damaging the equipment, it can also cause hardware failure.

    Power Surge

    Preventing the voltage jump to 110% of the normal state, the voltage jump is caused by a sudden decrease in the amount of electricity consumption, the shutdown of high-use equipment and supplies or a switch between the power generation source. The result of this mode is severe damage to the hardware.


    Preventing voltage reduction due to intentional reduction of voltage to supply electricity during peak hours by using high-consumption appliances outside the capacity of the power source.

    Electrical Line Noise

    Preventing electric current noise can be caused by radio or electromagnetic waves caused by transformers, welding devices or lightning.

    High Voltage Spike

    One of the other duties of UPS is to prevent high voltage shock caused by lightning and raise the voltage up to 6000 volts, for devices without UPS, it will definitely cause data loss and hardware damage.

    Frequency Variation

    Preventing frequency change is caused by disconnecting and connecting generators, changing frequency brings unpredictable results such as data loss, system locking and hardware failure.

    Harmonic Distortion

    Among other tasks of the UPS, preventing surges, switching power supply, variable-speed electric motors, copy and fax machines, or laser printers are examples of non-linear loads.

    This phenomenon can cause communication disorders, device temperature increase or hardware failure. Designed for personal computers, central centers, medium computer networks, automatic doors, low-capacity medical and laboratory equipment, closed-circuit cameras, safety-protection equipment, etc.

    Switching Transient

    Prevention of transient change often happens shorter than high voltage shock and for a few nanoseconds.

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